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My evening classes were good

I am a student and managing my schedule while driving training was pretty tough! I barely found any time for myself. I joined Kang Driving after knowing that they offer evening and weekend classes. My evening classes went off well and today, I am as good a driver as a professional! I enjoy being behind the wheels and taking some time out for my friends. Kang is a great place to learn driving. Highly recommended!

Livia Garcia

Top advanced driving lessons

Advanced driving training at Kang Driving was top notch experience. I wanted to sharpen my skills and become a pro on the road. It was a great learning curve for me. I had an awesome time with probably the best driving instructor. I would recommend Kang to anybody who wants to be a cool driver and a safe one at that!

Juliana Lee

Best for sure!

Learning driving at Kang was special. I loved their approach right from the beginning of the lessons till the very last session. I am proficient at driving and now drive my own car. All thanks to the friendly and superb team at Kang! Your driving instructors are practically the best in the area.

Timothy Clark

Encouraging Staff

It was good experience learning with the driving experts at Kang Driving. Good instructors, top condition cars, and a friendly atmosphere!

Gabriel Martinez

Awesome Driving Training

The bunch of instructors at Kang Driving is thorough professional to the core. My instructor specifically made sure that I was comfortable during my classes and learning session. While on the road, his experience and forthcoming attitude helped me make the right decision on the road and become a better driver. Thanks!

Bob Smith

Thorough professionals

I have always been told how indifferent driving instructors are in most schools. With Kang Driving, that impression has changed to a great extent. It is a completely professional and dedicated driving training school that is worth of all the praise! I was amazed at the professionalism and sheer patience offered by the instructors and the entire team. Kudos to your good work! I would recommend to anyone looking for quality teaching and also a friendly atmosphere.

Loraine, Vancouver

Top driving instructors

It was pleasure learning with your experienced and friendly driving instructors! Would recommend to friends!

Mathew Simpsons, Surrey

I overcame my fear!

I overcame my fear! I never thought driving was so much fun and I could learn it like a pro! Thanks to the Kang Driving Team, I am actually much comfortable and relaxed behind the wheels. The staff is friendly and I appreciate the way they focus on each individual. I highly recommend Kang to anyone who is a rookie at driving and wants to drive like a pro with proper safety!

Edward, Surrey

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