Surrey Driving Lessons for Absolute Beginners

Driving Lessons for Absolute Beginners

If you have no experience of driving and are absolutely new to it, then this course is the best fit for you!

Most beginners feel nervous while learning how to drive for the first time. You are nervous and find it hard to clear the block before you start your training. We have a team of instructors who are understanding and forthcoming. They provide you the encouragement and support that you need to pull off your first driving session.

Highlights of the course:

–       Specifically designed for absolute beginners

–       Expert trainers and instructors

–       Supportive environment

–       Step-by-step procedure of training

–       More value in less time – quality theoretical and practical sessions

For beginners, it is important to become familiar with the different components essential for driving. We ensure that you get familiar with accelerator, brake, clutch, steering wheel etc initially during your driving training.

For more information on beginner driving lessons contact us or give us a call on 604-760-7614.

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I Passed the Test!

I passed the driving test! It became possible only with the help and encouragement of Kang Driving School. My instructor was friendly and helped me in building confidence. His teaching skills are praiseworthy as he has helped me to overcome the fear and nervousness while teaching. I would recommend him to everybody who wants to conquer fear and learn to drive confidently.