The Truth of Four Common Drunk Driving Myths

Drunk driving results in thousands of road accidents every year, often resulting in fatalities. As a deterrent, and to punish those who commit this crime, the government has made strict laws against it, and the police work hard to ensure enforcement.

Despite the strictness of laws and strong enforcement by authorities, many people drive under the influence. They drive because they think they can handle their alcohol and they believe they can beat the breathalyzer test by following several myths spread about drunk driving tests. You should never drive when you have been drinking, because you put the lives of others at risk, along with yours. And no, you cannot beat the breathalyzer.

Here are some of the most common misconceptions about drunk driving tests.

1. A drunk driver can beat the drunken driving test with mouthwash or mint.


You cannot fool a breathalyzer. It will sense the quantity of alcohol as you breathe into it and it is not because of the odor. Besides, mints and mouthwash make you more suspicious to the authorities.

2. You can sober up and beat the drunk driving test with coffee or a cold shower.


Neither of these will do anything. Take a cold shower and then a coffee, if you like, but you will still be impaired and the machine will detect this, because alcohol elimination from the body is a slow process that takes several hours. The shower and coffee may make you more awake in a sense, but you will still be a danger and you will still fail the test.

3. You can confuse the test by sucking a coin


This is a nothing more than a myth. The logic behind this misconception is that coins comprise copper, which can confuse a breathalyzer. In reality, current coins don’t comprise copper, and copper cannot fool the breathalyzer anyway.

4.  You can avoid arrest by refusing the test


This will do no you no good. Police can arrest you if you refuse the drunk driving test. Your refusal of the test will be strong evidence for police to suspect that you have been drinking alcohol.

Overall, you cannot fool the police or the breathalyzer. And you should not endanger your life and the lives of others on the road. Therefore, as a responsible driver, never drive when you have been drinking.

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