Five Most Common Driving Test Mistakes

Are you both nervous and excited at the same time because the day of your driving test is fast approaching? We can understand your state of mind.In an effort to help you pass the test and get a driving license, we are going to inform youof five mistakes that most driving license aspirants make during their tests.

Driving Too Slow or Fast

Many driving test participants believe they can impress the examiner by driving slow. But, the truth is, this irritates driving examinersmore. If driving too slowly irritates the examiner, then driving too fast will as well. When you are driving, your speed must always be taken into consideration. You must drive as per the speed limit decided for that road.

Hard Braking

You should not use your brake hard until there is an emergency. Hard braking is only acceptable in emergencies. So, if you use it often, you will annoy the examiner.

Dealing With Steering

Though you are confident you can manage steering with one hand, you should keep both hands on the steering most of the time. This will reflect your sincerity to the examiner.

Lane Changing

When it comes to lane changing, a driver needs to be cautious about the traffic movement in their lane and the lane they want to merge in. The driver should take careful note of blind spot as well. Many drivers make mistakes when they are supposed to merge in another lane. You should not feel yourself in any kind of hurry while changing your lane. You should do it carefully and the way it should be.

 Attending Mobile Phones

You should not attend mobile phones while driving. If you feel the call may be urgent, then you should first stop your vehicle at a safe place and then communicate.

We would advise you to enroll yourself in a Surrey driving school around you to get expert driving lessons. The driving lessons will fill you with confidence to pass the tests.

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