Five Defensive Driving Techniques to Remain Safe on the Road

Almost everybody believes themselves to be a safer driver until they are faced with a difficult driving situation. Sometimes, they escape the accidents, but their nerves are shaken. Interestingly, most people blame the other person, to satisfy their ego, while they should learn from those mistakes and prepare themselves to avoid such undesirable situations in the future.

In this blog, we are going to share five defensive driving techniques that you must practice when you are driving, because they help you avoid unwanted situations and if you are involved in one, they protect you.

Five Defensive Driving Techniques:

1. Wear Your Seat Belt

As you enter your car, the first thing that you should do is put on your seat belt. Statistics show that wearing a seat belt increases the chance of your survival if you are involved in an accident. In most countries, driving without wearing a belt is considered to be a violation of traffic laws and the police can penalize you for it.

2. Maintain a Considerable Gap

You must maintain a considerable gap between yourself and other vehicles, especially heavy vehicles, on the road. Avoid getting close to heavy vehicles as much as you can. Maintaining a proper gap with vehicles enables you to take evasive action in time to avoid accidents.

3. Be Careful at Traffic Lights

Drivers are at the highest risk when their cars are in a large pack of cars approaching traffic lights. A small mistake at the traffic light can createunwanted trouble and a chain reaction accident. The best way to avoid trouble at traffic lights is to maintain a large following distance and cover your brake as you approach.

4. Be Careful of Blind Spots

You must be careful of the blind spot of another vehicle on the road because blind spots create potential risk. The best way to avoid this trap is to always remember that if you cannot see their mirrors, then they cannot see you.

5. Avoid Distractions

Don’t pick up your phone. Don’t call anybody. Don’t text anybody. Don’t eat while driving. Make sure you are able to see in both directions with side mirrors.

Adopting these defensive driving techniques will be very helpful for you to drive safely, so make them your habits.

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