5 Notorious Highways in British Columbia

British Columbia has a great diversity of highways. Some are famous; some, notorious. In this blog, we will tell you about five notorious highways in British Columbia.

Revelstoke-Golden Highway

Revelstoke-Golden highway is recognized amongst one of the most dangerous highways in British Columbia as well as Canada. The mountainous highway goes 148 kilometers with some shoulders and two-lane stretches without dividers. The highway is known for many fatal road accidents. As per the statistics from 2004 to 2013, almost 38 fatal accidents happened between Revelstoke and Golden.

Burnaby-Mission Highway

Burnaby-Mission highway or highway 7 is another notorious route in British Columbia. The 118 KM highway is known for many major road accidents. The highway comes under the jurisdiction of the British Columbia Ministry of Transportation. The highway was first built in 1941, and then it was moved to its current alignment in 1953.

Merritt-Hope Highway

Merritt-Hope highway known as highway 5 is another dangerous highway in British Columbia. Reading news stories about road accidents on this 524 km long highway has almost become a quite common thing. Several fatal crashes and road accidents have been reported on this highway.

Fort St. John-Fort Nelson Highway

Fort St. John-Fort Nelson highway is notorious for road crashes and accidents. The highway has experienced many road accidents. Driving on this northernmost commercial route is tricky, especially during winter.

Prince George-Quesnel Highway

Prince George-Quesnel highway is a dangerous highway in British Columbia. 71 fatal crashes were reported on this highway between 2004 and 2013.

The aim behind writing this blog was not to scare you and forbid you from driving on these highways, but to alert you. Every road is dangerous if you don’t know how to drive in different driving situations. Therefore, you should take driving classes from a recognized driving school Surrey to learn expert driving techniques. The expert techniques will help you in life threatening driving situations.

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