5 Bizzare Driving Laws In the World!

There are many driving laws in the world that will surprise you. In this blog, we have brought you five of them.

1.  You Cannot Drive Shirtless in Thailand:

If you are going to Thailand to explore its beauty and you rent a car for this purpose, then you should not take off your shirt in the car. Driving shirtless is considered to be an offense in Thailand, and you will be penalized for this by local police.

2.  You Cannot Wash Your Car on Sundays in Switzerland

If you are in Switzerland, then you are not supposed to wash your car on Sundays. Washing your car in Switzerland on Sundays is an offense because Sunday is considered a day of rest and the noise can disturb others.

3.  You Cannot Keep Your Car Dirty in Russia

If you are in Russia and you take a car on rent to commute, then this is important to make sure that you clean the car every time it becomes dirty. If the car looks dirty at anytime and the authorities catch you, they will penalize you for it.

4.  You Can Drive Under the Influence in Costa Rica

If you love drinking, then Costa-Rica is your heaven. You can drive in Costa Rica under the influence, but the restriction is that you must be in the condition to drive. The level of alcohol in your blood should not be equal to or more than 0.75%. If the level is high then the authorities will arrest you. If you seem okay to drive drunk, then the authorities will not fine you.

5.  You Have to Stop Your Vehicle for the Animals Passing the Road

In South Africa, you have to take care of the animals passing the roads, and you should give way to them by slowing or stopping your car. If you don’t stop your vehicle and give trouble to the animals, then you can be fined for it.

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