Welcome To Licensed and Professional Driving School in Surrey BC!

Seeking professional driving training? Then, Kang Driving is just what you need! We are located in Surrey and offer professional training classes for learning how to drive. Our main aim is to provide one-on-one training to individuals. Both beginners and senior students can join our training classes and learn how to drive like a pro.

Our team of patient instructors ensures that you have a smooth learning experience. Kang Driving is a government approved driving school. Our instructors also hold valid license. We bring into practice both theoretical as well as practical learning sessions that help in the comprehensive development of a driver. Earning a driver’s license actually becomes easy and less complicated with the help of our friendly instructors who are backed with years of knowledge.

Learn how to drive like a pro!

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I Passed the Test!

I passed the driving test! It became possible only with the help and encouragement of Kang Driving School. My instructor was friendly and helped me in building confidence. His teaching skills are praiseworthy as he has helped me to overcome the fear and nervousness while teaching. I would recommend him to everybody who wants to conquer fear and learn to drive confidently.